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New Advanced Technology for Anti - Termites Treatment

Termites “nest” in the soil and from there they can attack structures by building shelter tubes from the soil to the wood in structures. To control termites, it is almost always necessary to use pesticides. Pesticides used to control termites are called termiticides. Termiticides may be applied as liquids or baits. When applied as a liquid, the termiticide is injected into the soil or to wood members of a structure. When a bait system is used, the bait is placed in specially designed bait stations in the soil around the exterior perimeter of a structure. In this publication, we will discuss some of the options that homeowners’ can use to better understand how a structure is treated for termites. 

A termite treatment may involve any of the following basic steps:
Mechanical alteration/sanitation 
Soil treatment 
Wood treatment
Foundation treatment
Bait/monitoring system

Mechanical alteration /sanitation 
Wood, paper, cardboard and other cellulose debris under or against a structure increases the risk of termite infestation. Similarly, wood supports, fence posts etc. in contact with the soil and the structure present an easy access for termite entry. Regardless of what treatment options are used, these items should be corrected. Debris must be removed and wood /soil contacts should be broken. Termites thrive in moist environments and can survive above ground in excessively wet wood. Correcting plumbing and roof leaks and other defects contributing to such conditions is imperative. Increasing ventilation in the crawlspace, adding rain gutters, grading to direct surface water away from the house may be beneficial in resolving moisture conditions. Mechanical alteration/sanitation techniques alone are rarely sufficient to prevent or control a termite infestation.

Soil Treatment 
Treatment of the soil establishes a termiticide barrier in the soil under and adjacent to a building. A continuous barrier must be established along the inside and outside of the foundation wall, under slabs and around utility entrances.

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